Have you been online dating for years with no success?

Are you unsure of what your red flags are, or what the green flags are of a good relationship?

Do you feel like you have trouble getting out of the transactional nature of online dating to build a lasting relationship?

Do you just want to start this journey understanding yourself and bringing your true self to dating?

This course was made to set you up for success and understand your needs using proven techniques from our therapy practice.

Meet Psychotherapists Licette and Jessica

Licette Sangiovanni, MHC is a Psychotherapist at The Relationship Institute of Palm Beach. She is a coach at Be Self-full® who is trained to work with couples struggling with communication issues, individuals going through transitions, grief, and anxiety related issues.

Jessica Baum, LHMC is a licensed mental health counselor in Florida and founder of the Relationship Institute of Palm Beach. She has created Be Self-full to offer online courses and coaching to reach a broader audience and reach more people around the world.

Included in this course

~ Blueprint for sustainable and fulfilling relationships

~ Steps to build an online profile that speaks to your true self

~ Strategies to identify relationship matches that will meet your needs

~ An understanding of the different types of online dating interactions and what they mean

~ A deep dive into your attachment triggers and how to get what you need out of a relationship

Set yourself up for success!


Paid Course

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Set yourself up for success!


Paid Course